Copyright & Policies

Copyright & Policies

Reed Library will place on Electronic Reserve excerpts from copyrighted works in accordance with the following guidelines.

The amount of materials per semester that may be placed on E-Reserve are as follows:

  • No more than 15% of a book
  • No more than two journal articles from a single journal issue
  • No more than five short poems, one essay, play or chapter from a collected work. The total amount of material will comprise no more than 15 pages of an anthology or collected work.

It is the responsibility of the faculty member to follow these restrictions prior to submitting materials. If it is discovered that the material exceeds the limit, it will be removed from E-Reserves and returned to the faculty member. If a faculty member wishes to place more than the allowed amount of material on E-Reserves, he/she will need to secure copyright permission. Reed library will be happy to suggest strategies to obtain copyright clearance or find alternative sources of information. There is no limit to the number of items that may be placed on traditional reserves (i.e. books, videos, etc.) The use of the above materials for subsequent semesters will require copyright clearance despite the limited nature of the use.

Materials that may be placed on E-Reserve without obtaining copyright clearance include:

  • Links to articles and other publications found in Reed Library’s subscriptions databases
  • Links to Web sites
  • Anything for which the instructor holds the copyright (syllabi, class notes, etc.)

NOTE: We strongly encourage you to find the articles you use in our subscription databases. If you are able to access the information from these databases, you will never need to worry about copyright compliance as long as Reed Library continues to subscribe to the database. We can place a link through our e-reserves system directly to an article in a database. Write the article citation and database name on an E-reserves form and submit it.

Materials that may not be placed on E-Reserve include:

  • Pages from works considered to be consumable: workbooks, exercises, standardized tests, test booklets, and answer sheets
  • Course packs
  • Photocopied anthologies or collected works
  • Sound and video files

The Library reserves the right to deny any materials based on copyright considerations.

For further information, please see:


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InterLibrary Loan and Prospector borrowing and lending of print materials are temporarily discontinued,
but electronic borrowing and lending is still available. For Prospector items, you must still click on the
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Return of Library Materials:
If you are in town, please return your Library materials to the book drop outside the Reed Library building at your earliest convenience.
If you are not in town and need a return label, please email Library Director Astrid Oliver at oliver_a@fortlewis.edu.


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