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Art in the Library

The John F. Reed Library at Fort Lewis College solicits proposals each Fall for the Library Student Art Competition. Proposals will be reviewed by the Art in the Library Selection Panel in November. The winner is announced in early December. The winner will receive $500.00 toward the realization of the project. Completed projects are installed in Reed Library in April and remain on display for one year.

Entry Information:

For more information please see our flyer with entry information. You can also view the Location in the Library where the art is displayed.

2013 Winner of the Annual Art in the Library Student Competition!

The Wave (kinetic sculpture), by Ben Luck

 The Wave 
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Artist's Statement:

I have always been curious about patterns present in the natural world and have been lucky enough to spend much of my life venturing outside, observing and contemplating, lost in wonder at the complexity and mysterious beauty surrounding us.   As I grew up I was drawn towards studying physics, engineering, and mathematics where I learned a little about how the patterns and mysteries of nature work and some techniques for describing them.  Somewhere along the line, probably due to the inordinate amount of time I spend thinking about moving water, I became interested in waves and the role that periodic functions play in describing the physical world.  Waves are ubiquitous in our reality.  The only reason we are here, alive on earth is because of self-propagating electromagnetic waves traveling from the sun, nourishing our green plants with their life giving energy.  The seasons, the tides, planetary motion, a drop of water falling into a bucket, electrical pulses powering a beating heart, the vibrations in the air carrying the haunting and eerily human scream of a coyote, an electron orbiting the nucleus of an atom, cycles of life and death, and many of the systems of our entire astounding, mysterious reality can be described mathematically on a fundamental level as wave functions.  Waves are easily recognized in nature, but we perhaps don’t sense their omnipresence, their sweeping mathematic elegance, the common thread that they weave through our lives.  For me, the process of designing and building a mechanical wave was an interesting way to relate to the infinite complexity of the universe. 

 I would like to thank Jim Carver for use of his shop and his generous hospitality, and Reuben Margolin for the years of inspiration.  The wave would never have happened without your help.

Dedicated to Peter James Carver, for showing us all how to live.

Previous Art in the Library winners:

2011-2012 Through the Wave by Janine Gibbons

2010-2011 The Well of Infinite Knowledge by Sara Swoboda

Other Current Exhibits

Reed Library frequently hosts a range of exhibits and displays throughout the library. We have many photographs of current and past collections you can see on the Reed Library Flickr site

Along the wall next to the periodical collection are photographs on loan from the Adaptive Sports Association of Durango. The color photos highlight the impressive snowboard and ski activities of the community group.

Soth American Masks

On east side of the main floor, we have display cases with South American masks from Kathy Fine-Dare's personal collection. Dr. Fine-Dare curated the display with text descriptions providing a context for these cultural objects. 


Postcards from the FLC Center of Southwest Studies have been transformed into large banners hanging down from the 2nd floor railing for display to the main atrium area. Thanks to Jeanne Brako for the production and installation of these vibrant pieces.


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